DeltaWing Shops its Radical Car Design to Carmakers

DeltaWing Technologies is the company behind an extreme, super-narrow racecar. We’ve seen the super car take on the racetrack, and now the company is shopping around its four-passenger production model. Built to hit the road instead of the track, the car features a two by two seat design and many of the same aerodynamic features as its racecar counterpart.

DeltaWing Technologies has released an image of what the passenger car would look like. DeltaWing calls the shape a “form follows function” reasoning, with fuel efficiency and aerodynamic lines at the forefront. The wedge shape means less mass to move, and paves the way for a smaller powertrain.

“Many of the aerodynamic, lightweight and handling benefits of the race car can translate to the street,” Don Panoz, founder of DeltaWing Technologies, said in a press release. “We are competing at the highest levels of road racing with half the weight, half the horsepower, and nearly half of the fuel consumption. We believe we can deliver similar results on the street without compromising safety, comfort and performance. We have a formula that’s highly efficient and still fun to drive.”

What do you think, should Nissan buy the concept? We can’t say for sure which (if any) automakers are considering the design, but we think the idea is pretty cool, and might change the way we think about our cars in the future.

Bad Gas Does Serious Damage to One Driver’s Car

Bad Gas does Serious DamageRecently, a New Jersey gas station faced major charges when their pumps filled multiple cars with water. According to a recent AOL Autos article, one woman filled her almost empty tank, only to find her vehicle stopping dead just a short distance after leaving the gas station.  Though at the time, she had no idea what it could be, she had her car towed to her local dealership and found that her fuel tank had been filled with mostly water.

The gas station blamed the problem on a bad fuel delivery, but still took full responsibility and paid all affected drivers’ related bills, except this particular woman. Her bill came to more than $3,000, as the dealership replaced the fuel lines and injectors. The gas station claimed this was more than what was required, and may face sanctions from The Bergen County Division of Weights and Measures if the bills don’t get paid.

This scenario is very unlikely, but can happen if the gas station gets a bad fuel delivery, or when the station’s fuel tank is low. Water is heavier than gas, so if the fuel tank gets low, you may find that water has collected at the bottom of the tank. Of course, as consumers it’s nearly impossible to know if you’re putting water into your tank. In the unlikely event this does happen, it is recommended that you do your research on what repairs are required, and follow your shop or dealership’s guidance on such repairs.

Celebrating Memorial Day Vicksburg-Style

Celebrating Memorial DayPlease tell us you aren’t thinking there is nothing fun to do in Vicksburg for Memorial Day. In case the thought flew through your head, let us at Blackburn Nissan give you a few suggestions.

Settle down for a relaxing evening with the Vicksburg Symphony Orchestra at the Vicksburg National Military Park, a fitting way to observe the holiday.

If you’re looking for a more family friendly activity, the Lake Fest at Eagle Lake offers a host of entertainment for everyone from games, live music, a flea market, and, of course, food! Proceeds from the event will benefit the Eagle Lake community.

For your shopping pleasure, the Outlets at Vicksburg promise to offer special Memorial Day sales throughout the weekend. To see the sales your favorite store is offering, check out the Outlets’ website before you go.

True to the cookout tradition of Memorial Day, the House of Ribs will be hosting a Grand Opening Memorial Day Festival. While we haven’t tasted their food, the name sure makes it sound like good food and good times await.

With all these events going on around Vicksburg, there’s no need to celebrate the holiday twiddling your thumbs at home. Hop in your Nissan and enjoy the day!

Nissan Promotes Performance in Altima “Ride of Your Life” Campaign

Just because Nissan is investing heavily in green technology—launching their second all-electric vehicle, the e-NV200 just recently and promising more green cars in the future—doesn’t mean that they don’t still care about making the sexiest, sportiest cars on the planet. Just take the Altima’s new ad campaign as evidence.

Ride of Your Life
2014 Nissan Altima

It’s called the “Ride of Your Life” campaign, and basically it features Nissan enticing customers into a “race-spec Altima,” taking them for a thrilling ride around the Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs Raceway, and only then admitting to them that the “race-spec Altima” was actually a production-version Altima. Customers were unanimously shocked when it was revealed that they could coax that much power out of a normal, road-ready car.

“Performance is still very relevant to the audience for Altima,” Jon Brancheau, Nissan’s Chief Marketing Officer in the U.S., said. “In this case, we’re trying to show that in an entertaining fashion with consumers who are genuinely surprised.”

So come on in to Blackburn Nissan and allow yourself to be surprised by the purring power of the Nissan Altima—you’ll be looking for a racetrack of your own as soon as you drive off the lot. We guarantee it.