Nissan Murano Earns Spot on Ward’s 2015 10 Best Interiors List

Finding the perfect interior that combines luxury and comfort can be difficult—especially if you have a small budget. The all-new 2015 Nissan Murano does just that, though, and was recently recognized on Ward’s 2015 10 Best Interiors list for its beautifully designed cabin.

2015 Nissan Murano Interior
2015 Nissan Murano Interior

“First time I saw the new Murano interior, I was blown away by the pearlescent film that’s used to lovely effect on the doors, instrument panel, center console and armrest,” said Tom Murphy, executive editor, WardsAuto World. “The rest of the interior is brilliantly executed as well, from the smooth, flowing lines of the instrument panel to the ample cargo hold. Beige interiors often are perceived as boring, but this one is stylish and contemporary while achieving a serenity uncommon among midsize CUVs.”

Nissan offers the perfect combination of a modern design, premium materials, and innovative, practical technology within the third-generation crossover. The Murano’s features give it an entirely new level of refinement. NASA-inspired Zero Gravity front seating takes the Murano out of space, while the oversized Power Panoramic Moonroof allows the outside to come in, blending the Murano’s beautifully-designed cabin and the natural world.

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Nissan’s Autonomous Vehicle Technology Goes Underwater

underwaterNissan’s autonomous vehicle technology has attracted a certain space exploration agency as well as a mining company. NASA plans to co-develop the technology with Nissan to use on Mars rovers and Hitachi will use Nissan’s tech to help better-navigate giant mining vehicles.

Now, Nissan is going to help deep-sea exploration become a little easier. According to a press release from the Japanese automaker, Nissan has agreed to help the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology make remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) better able to locate natural resources in the deep sea.

The specific technology with which the ROVs will be outfitted is called Around View Monitor. AVM is one of the “base technologies for Nissan’s autonomous drive vehicles.”

This tech will help the engineers operating the ROVs “avoid obstacles and navigate the ocean seafloor more easily.” Instead of looking at different images from multiple angles simultaneously, the engineers will be able to get a better perspective on the ROV’s environment using “a virtual 360-degree overview…from a bird’s-eye view as pictured from above.”

Contracting for other companies and agencies to use Nissan’s autonomous vehicle technology is one way that Nissan pays the bills. It re-invests any revenue back into development, which we at Blackburn Nissan think is a great idea.


Nissan Named 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Nissan isn’t just about making efficient vehicles. The automaker also places high priority on efficiently making those vehicles for customers. As a result, Nissan has been honored with the prestigious 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year—Sustained Excellence Award.

The award is the highest one given to top organizations that have shown commitment to doing what it takes to protect the environment by utilizing more energy efficient operations.

This is Nissan’s fourth year in a row earning the award.

In 2014, Nissan improved upon its operations by using a more efficient LED lighting, fixing compressed air leaks, and adopting a new, eco-friendly paint process that cuts energy use by 30%.

With these improvements, Nissan was able to cut back on energy used to build its vehicles by an overall 13% during 2014. That is enough energy to power over 5,400 homes for a year!

“Our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with changes to our own operations, but we also go out in the community to help others identify ways to save energy,” said John Martin, Nissan’s senior vice president of Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, and Purchasing.

“We work with schools in middle Tennessee and central Mississippi to help them reach their energy savings goals. Since this initiative began in 2012, we’ve helped about 30 schools make the esteemed ENERGY STAR certification list.”

Nissan will be recognized for its continuing efforts at an awards ceremony in Washington DC on April 20th, and we at Blackburn Nissan couldn’t be prouder.

Zero Emissions

Nissan America’s Employer Rank Reaches Top 50 and 2nd Among Car Companies

Want to work at one of the best places in America? According to a Forbes survey of “America’s Best Employers,” Nissan ranks among the top 50 companies to work for in the US, placing second among auto manufacturers. Nissan North America divisions employ a variety of workers in different departments ranging from automotive styling, engineering, consumer and corporate financing to sales, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing sectors.

Nissan is a growing global company with a large domestic presence in the US. With compelling, appealing, and durable vehicles, such as the Nissan Leaf–the best-selling EV in history, the company sold 5.2 million vehicles globally last year.

2015 Nissan LEAF
2015 Nissan LEAF

“Nissan has been able to achieve the kind of rapid growth that we’ve enjoyed in the US because of the hard work and dedication of our more than 22,000 team members,” said Scott Becker, senior vice president, Administration and Finance for Nissan North America.

We’re proud of Nissan America’s employer rank and to be part of one of the fastest growing auto manufacturers. Be sure to stop by Blackburn Nissan to share in our enthusiasm.

New 2015 Murano Performance Beats Out Competitors

2015 Nissan Murano
2015 Nissan Murano – Available at Blackburn Nissan!

The all-new 2015 Nissan Murano is turning heads, especially with its incredible new design. In fact, the highly-styled SUV is topping its segment—pretty impressive considering it’s one of the largest groups on the market.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the 2015 Murano performance is beating out competitors left and right, especially cars like the Ford Edge. Both models premiered at the same time, but drivers and reviewers can’t stop talking about the unparalleled performance and design in the new Murano.

“We set out to make a big leap,” Murano chief engineer Chris Reed said. “We wanted a concept vehicle we could build.”

The 2015 Murano has striking looks, added interior room, and luxury materials. Under the hood the SUV has a 3.5-liter V6 engine paired with a continuously-variable transmission, cranking out 260 horsepower and still getting 28 highway mpg. Aside from that, the Murano is getting an overhauled steering and braking system, as well as sport-tailored suspension. If you want great fuel economy without sacrificing space or power, the Murano is for you. You can find it at Blackburn Nissan.