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Next-Gen 370Z Might Drop the 370 Name, Just Be Z

Here’s a pop quiz: if the new Nissan 370Z is offered with powertrains that don’t have the same 3.7-liter displacement as the current 330-horsepower V6, does it make sense to go on calling it the 370Z anymore?

next-gen 370Z
Nissan 370Z

According to Roel de Vries, Nissan’s corporate vice president and global head of marketing and brand strategy, the automaker is well aware of the potential contradiction, and he posits a pretty interesting idea for the next-gen 370Z: don’t call it the 370Z at all.

In talking to Car Advice, de Vries discussed the possibility of up to three powerplants, and while he wasn’t specific, the allusion to a potential turbo-four engine was definitely there (and definitely exciting).

Given that potential, de Vries suggested the following:

“We [will] definitely keep the Z name, but when we did 350 to 370 it was because of the capacity, but who says the next-generation doesn’t have three engines and it’s not just called Z?

There’s something catchy about that name: the Nissan Z. It holds on to the heritage and ditches the numeric nomenclature. It’s simple, smart, and to the point. Say it with us: Nissan Z. It just rolls right off the tongue.

We’re likely a while away from hearing anything concrete about the next-gen Nissan Z, but you’ll be able to read about it right here at the Blackburn Nissan blog whenever news breaks!