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Renault-Nissan Delivers Electric Vehicles for COP21 Climate Change Summit

zero emissionsFor an upcoming summit on climate change held in Paris, called the COP21 (Conference of Parties), Renault and Nissan have volunteered their services. Providing LEAF, ZOE, and e-NV200 electric and alternative fuel models as shuttles, the automakers give conference attendees the ability to get around while still being eco-friendly.

According to Nissan, over two hundred employees will promote Renault-Nissan’s leadership in electric vehicles at the COP21 Climate Change Summit in Paris. After completing a course on safe driving and EV technology, these employees are set to man 200 pure-electric vehicles.

“Helping negotiators get to their meetings, riding in quiet and smooth EVs that can be 100 percent recharged with renewable and extremely low-carbon electricity, sends a powerful message about our corporate commitment to the environment – and about our employees’ desire to be part of the solution to climate change,” said Marie-Francoise Damesin, Renault-Nissan’s global head of human resources.

Why is this important? Renault-Nissan seeks to demonstrate that electric and alternative energy are not radical ideas anymore. Electric vehicles can be practical, easy to use, and even fun. While areas like Paris have electric charge ports and electric rental vehicles, other countries have been slower to adopt such technologies.

Nissan and Scoot Networks Partner to Study Transportation

It was announced in mid-October that a Nissan and Scoot Networks partnership will lead the companies to study the future of electric transportation. Scoot Networks is a mobility service that provides shared, electric scooters that locals can borrow and ride around San Francisco.

Scoot has added 10 Nissan New Mobility Concept vehicles, also known as the Scoot Quad, to Scoot Networks’ fleet. The Scoot Quad is a fully electric two-seater that is ideal for urban city driving thanks to its low top speed and 40-mile driving range.

Nissan and Scoot officials have expressed their excitement at their compatibility with each other, citing their shared commitment to low emissions and to exploring the changing world of urban transportation. The Scoot Quad is the first four-wheel vehicle in Scoot’s fleet, which has previously only included mopeds and scooters. Scoot officials are glad to diversity their lineup.

For San Francisco residents, you can get access to a Scoot vehicle by downloading the Scoot app for iOS and Android. Rides are $8 per hour or $80 a day.

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