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New Nissan Sway Concept Finally Unveiled

The all-new Nissan Sway Concept was finally unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and it is a design dream. The slick subcompact hatchback hit all the right notes as it made its grand debut. Although this model is meant for the European market, we’re still allowed to be blown away by it.

The new Sway featured a sleek blue/gray paint with wonderful orange accents. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the Sway is its large glass roof panel. It also dons Nissan’s trademark V-motion grille and revolutionized “boomerang” headlamps.

The interior was designed to be elegant and simple according to Nissan. The automaker also reported that inspiration for the Sway concept came from industrial architecture. You can see hints of that throughout the car—in particular, the aluminum struts and spokes on the steering wheel.

We absolutely love the new Nissan concept and hope to see it one day in the US. In the mean time, you can check out the full Nissan lineup here at Blackburn Nissan.

Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror

Have you enjoyed having a rearview backup camera in your car? Has your rearview camera saved you from an accident? Nissan recently introduced the Smart rearview mirror at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Nissan hopes to introduce this new piece of technology worldwide in 2015.

The Smart rearview mirror is unlike any other mirror on the market. With the Smart mirror, drivers can change between a regular mirror and a LCD display with the switch of a button. With the LCD display, drivers will get a crisp and clean display of the outside environment. Nissan’s biggest challenge with the mirror was to prohibit drivers from getting an overlapping image. Nissan was able to eliminate an overlapping image by designing a unique LCD monitor and custom mirror.

The goal of the new mirror/monitor function is to give drivers a better sense of their surrounding environments to reduce accidents and increase safety. For example, if you have a taller passenger riding in your backseat, your passenger is likely to be in-view when you use your rearview mirror. The Smart rear view mirror uses a camera mounted to the rear window to prevent visibility issues from a tall passenger or stacked luggage.

At Blackburn Nissan, we are proud to be a part of a company who really puts advanced technology to the test. We want our drivers to experience safety and comfort in their new Nissan vehicle. To learn more about Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror, stop by www.nissannews.com.