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First Nissan Intelligent Parking Chairs, Then Nissan Self-Parking Cars

Nissan is on the forefront of the upcoming self-driving movement, and one of the first autonomous features that commercial drivers will experience is going to be self-parking. So how is Nissan showing off its self-parking tech? With “intelligent parking chairs.”

In what is essentially an amusing–though still impressive–publicity stunt, Nissan has created self-parking chairs that will find their way back to the desk without their owners. You can check out a video of the Nissan intelligent parking chairs below.

These clever chairs know exactly where to “park” based on motion-sensitive cameras that are placed on the ceiling throughout the office. All a user has to do is clap their hands, and the chair will go right back to its original position.

Though the intelligent parking chairs may not be for sale anytime soon, self-parking Nissan cars absolutely will be. To stay on top of the trends or to explore our huge selection of current, high-tech Nissan models, visit us anytime at Blackburn Nissan.

Do You Know These Lesser-Known Car Facts?

Cars have become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In a matter of years, this invention revolutionized the way we travel, connecting people from across the globe. We’ve put together a list of lesser-known car facts as a tribute to these mind-boggling machines.

highwayAccording to Autonet, the number of cars on the planted reached one billion in 2010. That means that one in every six people owns a set of wheels. In the US, more than 250 million cars are registered, which means that roughly 70% of citizens have their own car.

New car smell is derived from an array of chemical compounds found in the interior of your car. Emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs), synthetic materials create what many people have come to associate with freshness. Believe it or not, it has even been bottled as a fragrance.

How many parts are in your car? Try 30,000, including nuts and bolts. The transmission alone often has up to 1,000 individual parts.

It would take you roughly six months to reach the moon if you travelled at highway speeds the entire time. Think twice next time you complain about your morning commute.

The AutoTram Extra Grand is a German vehicle developed to carry 256 passengers. Consisting of four bus-length compartments wrangled together, this model is nearly 200 feet long.

Finally, the longest traffic jam lasted for 12 days in Beijing in 2010. Located on the road National Expressway 110, the string of cars was over 62 miles long.

History of the Chicago Auto Show

Downtown Chicago
The home of the Chicago Auto Show!

The Chicago Auto Show was first held in March 1901 inside the Coliseum exposition hall. The ticket price was 50 cents for the general public. The event was held at the Coliseum for 35 consecutive showings. Starting in 1935—the 36th show—the Chicago Auto Show moved to the International Amphitheatre. Samuel Miles, known as the Father of the modern auto show, served as show manager from the show’s inception to 1932. A wooden track allowed the public to drive and dispelled worry about the “horseless carriages.” Occasionally, one of the cars would break off the track and crash.

The 1940s eventually rolled around. This time, costumed entertainers appeared during the Dame Fashion stage show. The ‘Dame’ wore a skirt 16 feet wide which concealed new cars. When a new car was ready to be unveiled, the ‘skirt’ opened and the car drove out. A Nationality Queen contest embraced Chicago’s “melting pot” likeness as well.

After the United States’ involvement in World War II, the first official car show was held in 1950—the 42nd Chicago Auto Show. It was titled “Wheels of Freedom,” ran for nine days, and brought in 478,000 visitors.

Each decade, more changes were seen at the event. More cars, new models, and more visitors all arrived in the 60s. In the 1970s, small cars became trendy and stole the show. In 1980, the floor space expanded to 600,000 square feet and 700 vehicles filled the area. The 72nd Chicago Auto Show took place in 1980, drawing in 946,215 visitors. Numbers grew throughout the decade. More next-generation cars and concepts made their debut in the 1990s.

At the turn of the century, Mayor Richard. M. Daley stated that nothing had shaped the 1900s more than the automobile. In 2010 we saw many of the predecessors and first generation models we can still see on roadways today.

This year, 2015, marks the 107th Chicago Auto Show. Floor space has expanded to over a million square feet at the McCormick Place. 107 years later, the hype, excitement, and awe inspired by the Chicago Auto show is still in the air. We at Blackburn Nissan are excited to see what models we’ll soon have in our showroom.

If you’re interested learning more about the history of the Chicago Auto Show, read about it on the event’s website.

Ways You Can Organize Your Glove Box

The glove box isn’t the part of a car many people give a thought to. Along with the center console bin and side door storage, the glove box is often used as a catch-all for Happy Meal toys, expired insurance cards, and shopping receipts. To ensure that you can find what you need, when you need it—like your registration when you get pulled over—follow these tips on how to organize your glove box and maximize your storage space while enjoying a clutter-free car!

Make piles. To start your glove box-cleaning adventure, go through the bits and pieces of riffraff in your glove box, sorting it in to different piles. Keep in the glove box what you absolutely need—no, that doesn’t include your child’s Frozen toy—and throw away or move to another place anything you don’t need. Shred expired insurance cards, throw away expired coupons, and make sure everything that is to stay in your glove box belongs there.

Use some elbow grease. Before you begin gathering everything that is staying in your glove box, make sure you give it a quick once over with a simple solution of dish soap and water to clean up the dust inside. Lysol wipes also work, along with any number of the dashboard car cleaners out there. For something other than vinyl or plastic, a lint brush can also do the trick.

Focus on organization. As you begin to place objects back into the glove box, try to make it logical, keeping your registration and proof of insurance together and making it easy to access your owner’s manual. Also, using plastic sleeves to hold everything is always a great idea, along with book marking pages in your manual that you will use often.

By following these tips on how to organize your glove box, you will ensure yours always stays tidy! Do you have any tips you would like to share? Tell us about them below!

Celebrating Memorial Day Vicksburg-Style

Celebrating Memorial DayPlease tell us you aren’t thinking there is nothing fun to do in Vicksburg for Memorial Day. In case the thought flew through your head, let us at Blackburn Nissan give you a few suggestions.

Settle down for a relaxing evening with the Vicksburg Symphony Orchestra at the Vicksburg National Military Park, a fitting way to observe the holiday.

If you’re looking for a more family friendly activity, the Lake Fest at Eagle Lake offers a host of entertainment for everyone from games, live music, a flea market, and, of course, food! Proceeds from the event will benefit the Eagle Lake community.

For your shopping pleasure, the Outlets at Vicksburg promise to offer special Memorial Day sales throughout the weekend. To see the sales your favorite store is offering, check out the Outlets’ website before you go.

True to the cookout tradition of Memorial Day, the House of Ribs will be hosting a Grand Opening Memorial Day Festival. While we haven’t tasted their food, the name sure makes it sound like good food and good times await.

With all these events going on around Vicksburg, there’s no need to celebrate the holiday twiddling your thumbs at home. Hop in your Nissan and enjoy the day!